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Ried, Katja; Müller, Thomas; Briegel, Hans J

Modelling collective motion based on the principle of agency: General framework and the case of marching locusts. Journal Article

PLOS ONE, 14 (2), pp. e0212044, 2019.

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Melnikov, Alexey A; Makmal, Adi; Briegel, Hans J

Benchmarking projective simulation in navigation problems Journal Article

IEEE Access, 6 , pp. 64639-64648, 2018.

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Müller, Thomas; Briegel, Hans J

A stochastic process model for free agency under indeterminism Journal Article

Dialectica, 72 (2), pp. 219-252, 2018.

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Poulsen Nautrup, Hendrik ; Delfosse, Nicolas; Dunjko, Vedran; Briegel, Hans J; Friis, Nicolai

Optimizing quantum error correction codes with reinforcement learning Journal Article

arXiv:1812.08451, 2018.

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